Burn Corn and Pellets

As noted before, corn is no longer a cost-effective alternative in home heating.  To lessen the impact of spiked corn prices, corn stove manufacturers are producing a stove that burns both corn and wood pellets.

“We have developed a negative draft vent kit to install on our stoves to convert them into multi-fuel stoves”, said Jim Calloway, who works for corn stove manufacturer Nesco, Inc., in Cookeville, Tenn.

Calloway described how multi-fuel stoves and the negative draft vent kits work in greater detail:

“To burn wood pellets requires the negative draft system.  The round
shape of pellets leave air gaps between them which will allow exhaust gas to
push back into the feed auger and into the fuel hopper in a positive pressure
system. This exhaust is then allowed to come into the home and dirty the home
environment. The triangle shape of the corn kernels allow it to pack together
tightly so the back drafting will not happen with 100 percent corn in the feed system
of a positive pressure unit. (The positive pressure system was originally chosen
for corn burning because the draft fan was pushing clean air where the negative
draft system has to pull exhaust laden air and the fan may need cleaning more

Unlike corn, pellet prices have remained relatively stable.  This allows corn stove users an opportunity to remain using an alternative heating fuel in a cost-effective manner.

“If the negative draft system is installed, people will have the choice to burn pellets and even cherry pits where they are available,” said Calloway.  “In this case sales could still be good when other fuel prices are high.”

For even more info about multi-fuel stoves, watch the video posted halfway down Nesco’s homepage.

Check back later in the week, as heatdifferently will analyze in-depth the cost of heating homes with pellets.


6 thoughts on “Burn Corn and Pellets

  1. What’s good bro! I love the background of your blog I love the whole Idea. Its different it’s new its fresh its outside of the box and it makes me feel good inside. I think you should and will get a lot of other bloggers checking out your blog in the future, keep up the good work. You already know what it is
    Sincerly From,
    D Stank

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  4. We will be buring corn and pellets this year. While I would rather burn straight corn, this alternative is probably most cost effective for us due to the rising price of corn. Corn heat is SO much warmer than LP or pellet heat but I will just have to put on an extra layer of clothes.

  5. Thanks for the info. I have a friend at work that has a corn stove. He is having trouble deciding if he should use it or go with a more conventional fuel like LP. I’ll watch your blog for cost info and pass it on to him. The convenience of LP will be hard to beat. We have the tanks, distribution companies, etc. in place for years. I would say that burning corn is “new” and we need ways to make it as easy to use as LP.

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